Tuck in and Draft

A few months ago I was sitting in Sunday school class listening to the teacher and other friends in my Ward give incredible insight about living a Christ-centered life and […]

What a beautiful morning!  Crisp air, birds chirping, billions of earthworms splayed out all over the sidewalks. Vibrant green baby grasses stretching their leafy arms, lining the edges of a […]

On the phone with my Mom yesterday, she told me about this Doctor she went to who claimed to be able to help people heal from physical pain by helping […]

Kelsie's Birth

Kelsie and I went to visit our midwife a few days ago for our one month postpartum and well baby check-up.  Kelsie is weighing in at 10 lbs 2 oz, […]

I felt excited and happy while talking to Aaron today after he ran the Boston Marathon in 2:59:42 through 87 degree heat.  Go Aaron!  As we talked, Aaron reminded me […]

Having made the decision way back in October not to risk injury by pushing my post-op hip into training for and running the Olympic Trials Marathon in January, the new […]

As my body has been healing from hip surgery I’m realizing just how closely our mental health is tied to our physical health.  Right after surgery I had a lot of […]

Tribute to a Wonderful Woman

On Sunday afternoon I spoke to my Grandma Morgan for the last time.  Mom held the phone to her ear as I told her how much I love her and […]

Well, I finally got a firm diagnosis on my hip pain….and surgery 24 hours later!  It happened quickly last week and I’m just now getting around to blogging about the […]


The kids must have had a more riotous party than us on their vacation to Utah because it took them a good four days longer to recover from all the […]