weight lifting

Lately I’ve been drawing my attention to “the little things” that are going to help me become a more efficient, healthier, stronger runner. For instance I’ve gotten some custom orthotics […]

0 miles Went to bed early last night after pounding the vitamins hoping for a speedy recovery from illness.  Feeling more energized and healthy today but my bum/hamstring strain is […]

12.19 miles in 7:59 pace A.M. Ran 2.5 this morning before lifting weights.  Lifted weights and did core for 40 minutes. P.M. Met my group at Potts Field in Boulder.  […]

11 miles in 7:40 pace Went to the gym this morning and ran for 20:30 (2.5 miles at 8:12 pace) then lifted weights. Was going to run with my group […]