Change of Plan

SO, I didn’t get to attempt sub-38 in the Classic 10K like I hoped. I was training and getting fitter every week and looking forward to a rust-busting time, but the week before the race, my calf decided to twist up and scream at me to slow down. I took a few days off and it healed pretty quickly. I probably could have raced, but I didn’t want to risk pulling my calf even more and setting myself back for weeks, possibly months. Plus, I had plenty to do on the day of the race with my son’s 10th birthday party to prepare food for, set up a scavenger hunt, and clean the house. I’ll admit, it was nice to not wake up at 4 a.m. and be gone until noon. Instead, we had an EPIC 10th birthday party for my son, Abe. It was the most fun I had ever had planning and hosting a child’s birthday party, and it was the best gift we could have given him.

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  1. I love your commitment…to running, more importantly, to family. Love the video!

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