Today I experienced that nostalgic feeling of promise, hope, and progress. Sunshine warming my back, melting away the ice as friendly, happy runners passed me on the path. For some reason I felt as if the whole world is on my team. The smiles and “good morning’s” of complete strangers seemed to push me onward, seemed give me the energy and motivation to go and do great things.

I recall feeling exactly the same way many days in my past. Like during my Senior year in high school when life was full of new opportunity and exciting possibility. College visits and applications were on my mind. Hearing all about my friends plans and feeling incredibly happy for them. Talking to college track and cross country coaches from all around the country and feeling excited that they wanted me on their team. Every day dreaming of how much I would grow over the next few years.

And now today I feel the same way. I have so much opportunity and promise. There are so many directions I could go. I find myself again wondering in excitement how much I will grow over the next few years. Thank goodness for happy memories that flow through our minds and anchor us into today, providing promise, hope, and progress. The dark cloud and heaviness of yesterday is gone. I see a beautiful horizon with miles and miles of possibility ahead.

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