The kids must have had a more riotous party than us on their vacation to Utah because it took them a good four days longer to recover from all the fun!  Finally after a really chill weekend, we are all feeling back on track. Special thanks to our family in Utah who helped with the kids; Mom and Owen, Dawn and Ken, Christina and Dave, and Jenni and Mike.  We REALLY appreciate you taking such great care of the kids and it was especially nice to know they were having a blast with cousins and making great memories.  We packed a lot of sights into our 10 days in France, staying in a new city every night until the final three nights in Paris. Rather than bore you with a long travel-log, I’ll just give the highlights in pictures…

First night in Nyon, Switzerland after a 26 hour day of travel.  The jet lag was quite painful and my legs felt five pounds heavier from retained water, so my run was slow and short.  We stayed with Raeburn’s friends Giselle and Pierre and were treated to kind hospitality and yummy meals!Our run along Lake Geneva.

Ready to ride on Monday morning after renting our bikes in Bourg d’Oissans


After summiting L’alpe d’heuz.

One of my favorite things about France: amazing pastries!!!
Dinner in l’Isle-sur-la-Sourge.

Soaking my legs in the river.

View from our hotel Room in l’Isle-sur-la-Sourge

Lower Mont Ventoux

Matt and Ash 3k from the top of Mont Ventoux

That deliciously expensive candy at the top of Mont Ventoux fueled me the remaining 50K (making it a total of 85K for the day) of scavenger hunt riding to our eventual destination.  Matt described it as “a sordid tale that includes ‘the roads less traveled’, an internet cafe, dad’s loss of faith in the GPS system, and a strawberry round-about.”  My favorite part was watching Aaron and Matt attempt to speak to the locals in Carpentras automatically reverting to their only non-English language, Spanish and not having much luck with that either.  Its a good thing French people understand hand gestures and body language quite well or we’d still be lost in Southern France.Roman aqueduct, Pont du Gard built around the time of Christ.  Cold river below where we bathed after our long day of riding (notice the nice biking shorts tan line).

Ancient fortified city of Carcasonne.  People still live there today and there is a Best Western inside the city too in case you wanted affordable lodging with the protection of two stone walls  and a moat surrounding you.
Main castle in CarcasonneRiding toward L’TormaletOn a beautiful, misty dayMet some cool Spanish motorcyclists and last year’s 5th place Tour de France finisher, Jurgen Van Den Broeck at the summit.

Cute little castle we stayed in.Peaceful pond in the back yard.

The whole crew in front of Château de Chambord built to serve as a hunting lodge for King François I.  A mere 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, 84 staircases and more than 800 sculpted columns.  Apparently French kings were insistent upon having modest vacation homes.

Hmmmm…where shall we go running today?  Oh, how ’bout the gardens of Versailles?!  Nine miles and we barely scratched the surface.

Aaron running through the corner of Versailles, Hameau de la reine, or “The Queen’s Hamlet” where Marie Antionette went to  pretend to be a peasant…just for fun.Onto our final destination….Paris!Fresh market down the street from our Hotel in Paris.  YUM!
Of course you cant go to Paris without seeing the Mona Lisa.
After our Sunday lunch in Jardin du Luxembourg with (of course) a statue of a naked child in the background.  There must be at least one million naked statues in Paris.Fresh spices for sale in the street market smelled wonderful!

And there you have it; our trip to France in pictures.  It  turned out to be everything I expected, and more!  Thanks, Dad for planning and arranging everything for our exhaustingly fun adventure!!  It was great to spend time with family and learn about the French history while experiencing the beauty.  Good times!


  1. Sounds like the best trip ever! Seriously so envious! Riding up famous Tour de France mountains, and meeting Jergen, wow! Plus the gorgeous running! Sounds like a trip dreams are made of!

  2. Raeburn Kennard

    Great post, Nan! It’s good to see your perspective. And it was fantastic having you and Aaron with us for that Amazing Race/Tour de France. Love, Dad K.

  3. Nathan Kennard

    You guys look awesome in the pictures. What fun. thanks for sharing.

  4. Katy

    Fun! I love the pics and your matching eye color swim suit. Come to our blog and help us vote on a baby name –

  5. Addi Bergeson Robison

    Hi Nan! My dad sent me the article in the Deseret News about you! It’s been fun to catch up with what’s going on with you on your blog. FRANCE! I’m very jealous.

    Then I was thinking about you this week while I was at Young Women basketball. I had to tell everyone about when I was a YW and another girl slammed a basketball in my face and gave me a black eye! 🙂 Good times.

  6. Hey Nan! We met at Emily’s pasta party before Boston (you were amazing in the marathon, by the way). Anyway, I love your site! OK – silly question: How were you guys able to get those great photos of you WHILE you rode up parts of the Tour de France course? Hope your hip is doing well and can’t wait to hear more about your running and other stuff!

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