The Little Things

Lately I’ve been drawing my attention to “the little things” that are going to help me become a more efficient, healthier, stronger runner. For instance I’ve gotten some custom orthotics to help my foot strike and pronation efficiency.  I’ve been dialing in my long run fueling and nutrition and eliminating products that don’t work for me (thick gels/gu) and maximizing my use of products that do work.  I’ve also recently gone in for some blood work to get some baseline measurements of different markers, specifically my ferritin.  I used to get my ferritin tested a few times a year when I was running at BYU but since graduating, haven’t put much thought towards it.  Now that I’m running more mileage and more intensely than I ever have before I figured its a good idea to keep tabs on how my body is keeping up with it.  I still take liquid iron+Vit. C almost every day because I know living at altitude and training at the intensity I am, that iron is being put to good use.

I’ve been working more frequently and effectively in the weight room strengthening my running specific muscles with a focus on my hips and core.  Colleen gives me exercises that activate my core while working my arms/legs and I am able to feel a more full body workout every time I meet with her.  I also make time to do the cannonball cooldown after almost every run to keep my hips loose and gluts and core strong.

One of the biggest “little things” that is still a work in progress is getting enough sleep.  While I think I am a pretty darn good sleeper (I’ll sleep long when given the chance), I can’t say that I’ve mastered this piece of the puzzle.  If only there were an extra 3 hours in the day!  With my busy schedule running my kids around to their daily activities, grocery shopping,  cooking, cleaning, and trying to stay on top of all the laundry, while running 8 to 20 miles (depending on the day, excepting Sunday) every day is a full day.  I hate to admit that sometimes a basket of clean laundry will sit on my dresser for 3 days before I actually get around to folding it and putting it back in the dresser drawers.  Twice this week my son came to me in his underwear asking me where his clean pants were and I secretly snatched a pair out of the dirty laundry basket and presented them to him.  Clean enough for one more day!  At least I have Aaron to help me so I don’t get too behind on things.  He has cooked dinner at least three times this week and folded the laundry lots too.  Sometimes I’ll dump the clean laundry out on our bed so we are forced to fold it and put it away before climbing into bed at night.  That 20 minutes of folding laundry with Aaron is the perfect end to my day.  Despite being super busy, I have to take a step back and be grateful for all that I AM able to do in my quest for speedy PRs.  I recognize that I truly am very blessed.

This week in review:


Easy 8 miles with strides, 6:47 AP


A.M. 11.5 miles; Hill repeats.  7X 2 min. up, 2 min. down Lehigh Street with RRBers and Striders who are training for Boston

P.M. 4 miles, weights with Colleen


13.5 miles in 7:01 AP


A.M. 6.5 miles in 7:08 AP

P.M. 4 miles in 6:59 AP


A.M. 11.5 miles; 7XMile workout with Katie and Joanna.  Coach D timed us, thank goodness because I forgot my watch and was forced to go by feel.  My first 4 repeats were something like 5:26, 5:30, 5:33, 5:32.  Coach D kept reminding me to run the odds slower than the evens but I just couldn’t seem to feel it.  Finally he threatened to pull me out of the workout if I didn’t run the 5th repeat at 5:45 or slower.  To help me with the assignment, Katie let me borrow her watch for my 5th repeat and I ran a very comfortable 5:50.  Then my 6th was 5:21 and 7th was 5:39.

P.M. Easy 4 miles in 7:14 AP, weights/core.


14 miles; First 5 miles in 7:27 AP, middle 4 miles in 5:58 AP, last 5 miles in 7:17 AP.  (6:58 AP for the entire run)


Day of Rest

Total Mileage for the Week: 77

Last, but not least.  Our good friends Zach and Kristy recommended a new band, Mumford & Sons, so I got to enjoy some fresh tunes on my iPod this week.  Here’s a sampling….


  1. ChrisM

    I don’t even bother putting the clean clothes away—I just pick the clean clothes off the clothes hanger/drier or radiator!

  2. I just subscribed to your blog after hearing about your race on Run Colorado. I would probably just lurk (I am not worthy!), but I *love* Mumford & Sons, too, so had to give that a shout-out. And I agree that sleep is such a hard but important piece (I have 4-YO twins and a 30-hour per week job)–sometimes you just want to hang with the husband in the evening when you should go to bed early.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. Thanks Terzah, you are my first subscriber (besides my husband). 😉 Four year old twins, wow you have your hands full. Your blog looks great! See you out on the trails!

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