Cow Pies

Had a nice run on the East Boulder creek path with the cows this morning.  I considered playing “the ground is lava and you have to step on the stepping stones to survive.”  You know, that awesome game we used to play with the couch cushions when we were kids?  I still play it with my kids sometimes.  But this would have been even MORE awesome.  I easily could have covered at least a mile of terrain using only cow pie stepping stones.  It would have been a record, I’m sure.  Surely there is a very mediocre, very beatable record in the Guinness book for this exact thing.

Well, not today….maybe another time.  Today I decided to receive a warm welcome back home by Aaron and the kids rather than being banished due to the stink.

Speaking of the kids, here’s what they were up to this morning….that trampoline was the best Christmas present ever!!  Thanks, Santa!!!

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