June 2010

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I have never been a high-mileage chick.  In high school I ran ran a 2:10 800M and 5:05 1600M with 25-30 miles a week in training.  My ability to race […]

Sunday family time

Took a pleasant nap after Church while the girls napped and Aaron played board games with Abe.  Then we all went for a bike ride down to a small lake […]

Joe Colton Off Road Run

Enjoyed camping in the canyon where todays race was held (apparently also a very busy train route).  When the 3rd train of the night woke us up around 4:30 a.m., Aaron […]

7 miles in 7:30 pace The prarie dog near mile four perched up on his mound and gave me an enthusiastic wave as if to say “top of the morning […]