The speed is coming back!

10 miles in 7:31 pace

Met the group at East Boulder Community park

20 minute warm up, stretching, strides

4X45 seconds in 5:25, 5:19, 5:32, 5:27 pace w/ 75 seconds recovery jog between each

4X2 minutes in 5:45, 5:58, 5:27, 5:33 pace (first two were slight uphill, second two slight downhill) w/ 90 seconds recovery jog between each

2X4 minutes in 6:16, 5:47 pace (first was slight uphill, second was slight downhill) w/ 2 min. recovery jog between each

4X60 seconds in 5:25, 5:13, 5:42, 5:11 pace (every other slight up or downhill) w/ 60 second jog in between

20 minute cool down

Colleen lead the group again today and she did the workout in full effort with us instead of taking it easy.  Dang she is fast!  I stayed somewhat close to her on the 45 second intervals but I was a good 20-40 strides behind on the longer intervals.  Simon, the tri coach who brings his tri group to workout sometimes was there too.  He is coming back from injury and this was his first interval workout in a few months.  It was fun to watch him kill himself to stay with Colleen.  I guess he was being a gentleman to run ahead and open the gates for the group but surely he pushing it so hard so as to not let a woman beat him too.  It was funny, near the end of the intervals he started walking on the recovery jogs and Colleen reminded him that he should be jogging.  He was obviously spent.

I felt pretty good.  The speed is coming back.

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