Start winning these battles anytime

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Got a deep tissue massage last night and, woah.  I felt it this morning.  My back was so sore and achey ’cause she elbowed it SO hard.  She also went more cautiosly into my gluts, hammys, and IT band especially focusing on my right leg where the trouble is.  I didn’t work out today because I just wanted to give my body another day to recover from the massage, the injury, and the illness that has been plaguing me for 5 days now (pink eye, body ache, congestion, headache, ect).   I’m ready for my body to start winning these battles anytime now.

Despite feeling pretty beat, I did get a lot done around the house today.  Swept and mopped the entire garage (it was extremely gross from all the mud our cars had tracked in over the past few months).  Washed and folded 6 loads of laundry.  Cleaned the bathrooms.  Vacuumed the house.  Plus the usual feeding of kids 3 times, cleaning the kitchen after every meal, and a 2 hour grocery shopping adventure.

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