January 2010

5 miles in 9:14 pace I CAN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went out for an easy 5 miles this morning.  I just ran cautiously and let my legs set the pace.  My right […]

Biked 15.82 miles in 1:07 It felt SO great to get out and exercise in the sunshine.  Sunshine has a healing effect on me.  The snow is melting everywhere and […]

4 miles equivalent Tried running for .25 miles on the treadmill and this injury is still crippling me!  There is no point in running like a crazy limping person, so […]

0 miles Went to bed early last night after pounding the vitamins hoping for a speedy recovery from illness.  Feeling more energized and healthy today but my bum/hamstring strain is […]

0 miles Crashed into my bed last night after a loooooong day with my 18-month-old crying and being clingy because she’s sick.  Woke up this morning feeling sick myself.  And […]

6 miles equivalent Tried running for a mile but the glut is still not cooperating fully so I did the row machine for 10 minutes and elliptical for 41 minutes.  […]

7.5 miles equivalent After my workout last night my right glut was extremely tight so I rolled it out on the foam roller for a while and iced it.  This […]

12.19 miles in 7:59 pace A.M. Ran 2.5 this morning before lifting weights.  Lifted weights and did core for 40 minutes. P.M. Met my group at Potts Field in Boulder.  […]

9 miles in 7:47 pace. Sunny 25 degrees.  After a 20 minute warm up, did 7X50 stride (100 step) pick-ups to get my legs moving.  Sidewalks were mostly clear but trails […]