Just because I eat a lot doesn’t mean I’m a nutrition expert

5 miles in 8:20 pace

Aaron has a busy couple of days with the county auctions today and tomorrow.  He was up until 2 a.m. last night analyzing house values and deciding what he would bid on in Adams and Boulder County.  He’ll probably be up late again tonight doing the same thing for Denver County.  He was kind enough to watch the kids last night while I went to the Church to speak to a Young Women’s group about Nutrition (I’m pretty sure my friend Allie would have done a better job).  My friend Marcia was the one who asked me to present on nutrition. I think because of a conversation we had a couple of months ago when she asked me about my diet and I told her I eat 6 times a day. She must have been impressed that I am not the size of a whale and thought that must mean I know about nutrition.  But just because I eat a lot doesn’t mean I’m a nutrition expert. I know more about running than nutrition.  It was fun preparing and presenting though. I know more now than I did before.

Aaron’s watching the kids again tonight while I assist with the set-up and take-down of a Relief Society meeting.  I made some yummy chili in my crock-pot to contribute, but I’m going to set some aside for Aaron and the kids to eat for dinner too.  Smells YUMMY in my kitchen right now.

Anyway, this busy couple of days for Aaron is why I just took the kids to the gym this morning for my workout; so Aaron could sleep in and then get right to work when he woke up.

Lifted weights after running.  Hamstring felt okay after about two miles but its a little sore now.  I’ll cross train again tomorrow.  It is slowly getting better each day, but I don’t want to overdo it and set myself back.

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