Nostalgic places

14.5 miles in 7:51 pace.


My legs were feeling a lot better this morning than they have felt all week.  Left knee is not an issue anymore.  I think the rest and lower mileage was well needed.  My inner thighs were a little tight for the first couple of miles but after stretching at the 20 minute mark everything loosened up and I felt GREAT!  Took the pace easy and just enjoyed the sunshine.  North Salt Lake sunshine was not as refreshing as Denver sunshine as it had to pass through a film of inversion air first, but still better than cloudy or snowy air.

Ran from my Sister-in-law’s house in Foxboro, NSL (Redwood Road and I-215ish) to my Alma Mater, Bountiful High School and back.  The route was up Center street in NSL to Orchard Drive.  North on Orchard all the way to 500 S. in Bountiful.  Went into the field house at Bountiful High to get a drink of water and use the restroom.  That place is still the same as when I went there 11 years ago.  And probably the 20 years before that.  Isn’t it about time for a rennovation?  Ran back from Bountiful High on residential streets with no traffic so I could run on the road instead of sidewalks.  Decided to add on a little bit at the end to bring my weekly mileage at least up to 40.  Kind-of a pathetic week for mileage.  But I guess my body could use a mini-break every now and again.  Actually my knee was forcing me into it, so I was just following orders.

All in All, our trip to Utah was way fun.  We spent some quality time with all of our in-town family and some friends too.  Stayed up way too late every night playing games and chatting with family.  Ate too much junk food.  Ate some yummy meals too.  Ran a fun race together.  Exhausted our kids with fun overload.  Endured many fatigue-induced kid trantrums and one candy-induced kid puke as well as a philipino food-induced Aaron puke.  Visited some fun kid locations (Discovery Museum in the Gateway Mall and Classic Fun Center in Sandy).  Saw a way cool movie (Aaron and I stuck away one afternoon without kids and saw Avatar).  Visited some nostalgic places (the ward where I grew up, my former High School, and the Bountiful Temple where Aaron and I were married 7.5 years ago).  We also saw some extended family at a dinner at Gardner Village, went to Downtown SLC to get some things at the Church distribution center and visit Aaron’s Dad in his office.  So yeah, it was a busy week but a memorable week.  And now I’m glad to be home.  Back to my own bed.  My own routine.  My kids normal sleep schedule and normal moods.  And back to the Colorado sunshine and pleasant running trails.  🙂

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