Make every minute count

7.5 miles equivalent

After my workout last night my right glut was extremely tight so I rolled it out on the foam roller for a while and iced it.  This morning it was still super tight and I didn’t want to make it worse so I decided to cross train today.  Went to the gym and my 18-month old was not feeling well and was super clingy when I left her in child care so I resolved to getting my workout done in one hour.  Jumped on the elliptical and made every minute count.  You can really get that thing whirling if you put some muscle into it.  I bumped the level up to 14 and kept my heart rate around 140-150.  It said I did 7.5 miles in an hour and I’m counting it.  My arms and quads were throbbing when I got off.  It may not have been a true “recovery” effort, but at least it didn’t hurt my glut.

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