12.19 miles in 7:59 pace

A.M. Ran 2.5 this morning before lifting weights.  Lifted weights and did core for 40 minutes.

P.M. Met my group at Potts Field in Boulder.  Fun and unique workout tonight!  Each person got to lead an interval and choose how long we went for (between 30 seconds to 2 minutes).  The next person got to choose the time we recovered (no longer than 1 minute)  for and then their interval.  There were 17 of us and we all got a turn.  It was really fun trying to match each leader’s pace.  Seemed to unify the group.  Coach D took the final leg and brought us in for 2 minutes hard.  Here is the breakdown of what we did:

20 minute warm up, stretching, strides

50 seconds in 5:56 pace

1 minute easy

2 minutes in 6:04 pace

47 seconds easy

2:08 in 5:31 pace (this was my lead but I lost track of time and people did not like that…oops)

1:46 easy

51 seconds in 5:41 pace

48 seconds easy

26 seconds in 4:57 pace. This one was hilarious because it was led by Dianne, who usually brings up the rear of the group but she must have been nervous to lead all of us because she just went ALL OUT for 26 seconds and called it good.  She has WHEELS!

33 seconds easy

1:10 in 5:26 pace

52 seconds easy

55 seconds in 5:35 pace

46 seconds easy

1 minute in 5:30 pace

33 seconds easy

2:01 in 5:42 pace

1:06 easy

51 seconds in 6:19 pace

37 seconds easy

1:22 in 6:13 pace

55 seconds easy

1 minute in 5:53 pace

40 seconds easy

59 seconds in 5:41 pace

55 seconds easy

1:16 in 5:55 pace

1:06 easy

1:58 in 5:52 pace

1:17 easy  This recovery was longer because someone teased Bean for spitting and she apologized and tried to tell us she never farted though and speaking of which, I said I just breathed in one as Damon raised his hand.  What do I expect…we were running a fartlick afterall.  I mean fartlek?

48 seconds in 6:08 pace

43 seconds easy

53 seconds in 5:50 pace

35 seconds easy

47 seconds in 6:09 pace

34 seconds easy

44 seconds in 5:43 pace

24 seconds easy

1:56 in 6:01 pace

12 minute cool down

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