January 2010

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6.46 miles in 8:18 pace Hamstring felt a little more tight after my workout yesterday so I just took it really slow today.  Felt good once I warmed up though! […]

9.8 miles in 7:48 pace Met Running Republic at East Boulder Community Park.  Arrived a few minutes early so I could get some dynamic stretching in. Cold 17 degrees, but once […]

6 miles in 7:45 pace Did 7 strides throughout the run.  It was pretty windy this morning!  The uphill miles were into the wind and the downhill miles with the […]

10.51 miles in 7:59 pace WAHOO!!!  After lots of rest, recovery, ART therapy, massage, ice, and patience, I was able to do a workout today!!!  I met my running group […]

5 miles in 8:04 pace While searching for some motivation I found this article written by Ryan Hall that is really cool.  What a great perspective he has. My hamstring is […]

7 miles in 8:20 pace Healing slowly, but surely.  Hamstring felt better after a day of rest yesterday but now after my run this morning its a little tight again. […]

7 miles 8:49 pace Another slow, easy run.  But a RUN, nonetheless!   It just feels right to take it easy as my injury is still healing.  If I push […]