“Real nasty” houses

9.15 miles in 8:10 pace

Not quite as effortless running today as it was yesterday, but still enjoyable.  My legs were pretty tired and I had to stop and stretch my left quad/hip 4 times to keep it loose.  I’m going to roll out on the foam roller again for a while this morning.

Aaron took our 3 and 5 year old kids with him yesterday afternoon to look at houses and buy another investment house.  Our 5 year old reported to me that “Daddy bought a good one because it was real nasty.”  Thats what we do!  We are in the business of buying “real nasty” houses and making them into something actually livable.  Aaron has previously taught him that the “real nasty” houses are always the best deals.  This one had a leaky pipe in the basement with dirty rotten towels soaking up the mess and smelled of cat urine throughout.

While the others were gone house hunting I took my 18-month-old with me to the gym and lifted weights around 4:30 p.m.  Ali did not like being left alone in child care without her siblings.  She sat on Miss Adel’s lap the whole time and would not let Adel help any other kids.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the child care provider at my gym?  Adel is SO great. She is probably in her early 50’s and has worked in the child care at Bally’s for a LONG time.  She is from Russia and she” has a sweet accent and hilarious mannerisms.  She works all of the child care shifts except for maybe one or two shifts per week when 21 year old Erica comes in.  Adel is so funny and friendly and cute with the kids.  After sitting on Adel’s lap for an hour yesterday while I lifted weights, Ali was smiling and giggling and blowing her kisses as we left.  Pretty obvious that Ali loves her.  I love to see my kids grow fond of great people outside of our family.  It brings joy to my heart.

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