December 2009

9.15 miles in 8:10 pace Not quite as effortless running today as it was yesterday, but still enjoyable.  My legs were pretty tired and I had to stop and stretch […]

16 miles in 7:29 pace. Wow.  What a beautiful day today is.  Went running in 40 degree sunshine at 7:30 a.m. with shorts on.  Out and back on Big Dry […]

10 miles in 7:54 pace. Ran around Standley Lake.  It is SO nice out there today.  Very calm and a warm 34 F.  Quiet too. Weird morning.  My kids all […]

8.73 miles in 7:46 pace Met Running Republic at East Boulder Community park.  My favorite meeting place because it is the closest to my home, only 20 minutes.  Temp at […]

10 miles in 7:50 pace 2 mile warm up, stretching 7X25 second strides. It felt like Springtime here in CO this morning!  28 degrees is a massive heat wave compared […]

10 miles in 7:15 pace Ahh vacation.   Gotta love it.  No rush to be anywhere at any time, no messes to clean up, no whiney kids (although I do […]

12 miles in 8:00 pace I thought it was cold in Denver.  Its even colder here!  We arrived last night around 11:00 p.m. after getting our kids situated and packing […]

10 miles in 7:55 pace Aaron worked on my legs for about 45 minutes last night doing some PUSH Therapy that his massage therapist does.  I have these golf ball […]