Diamond in the Rough

8 miles in 8:37 pace

Drove to Littleton to run with Carolyn.  Traffic was a little slow due to the snow so I got there a few minutes late but still under an hour of drive time.  There wasn’t much snow, maybe just a few inches on the trail.  Made for a nice soft running surface.

Ran 8 miles in 8:37 ave pace.  Felt good for me to take a good recovery day and loosen up my tired legs.  And of course its always enoyable to visit with Carolyn.  I met a couple of her kids, saw a third sleeping on the couch.  Her 7 year old daughter is remarkably cute!  Also enjoyed some of Michelle’s wheat bread.  YUM!

When I got home I worked on my legs with a Thera Cane.  Never heard of it?  Me neither until a couple of days ago when Aaron told me he found one that was left in a house he just bought.  If it were me rummaging through dirty, junk-filled houses I wouldn’t have recognized this strange device as anything useful but he recognized it since his massage therapist has showed him one before.  I tell you what, Aaron has brought home a whole TON of junk from houses he’s bought (which always ends up in our garbage can) but this Thera Cane is a diamond in the rough.  It will be a nice compliment to the foam roller in keeping my legs adhesion free.

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