Cruddy inversion air

8.25 miles equivalent

Went to the Bountiful Recreation Center to work out since I heard its like smoking a pack of cigarettes if I run for an hour outside in this cruddy inversion air.  Question: if the air is so horribly damaging outside, would it really be THAT much better in a large building with doors opening and letting that air in every 13 seconds?

I did a 2.25 mile warm up on the treadmill and my knee was pretty tight.  Not wanting to make it tighter, I stretched well and jumped on the elliptical.  I pushed it up to level 14 and kept my heart rate over 140 so as to make the workout equitable to running.  I did 4X45 seconds hard, then 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1 minutes hard with one minute rest between pushes and a cool down afterwards.  I got my heart rate up to the 170s for a bit, at least.  Felt great on my knee and worked some weaker inner thigh and outer calf muscles differently from running.

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