Family home

6 miles in 8:00 pace

Went to the Bountiful Recreation Center again since it was snowing hard and I didn’t want to run on the slippy surface that seemed to agitate my knee in the first place.  Ran 6 miles on the treadmill.  Felt GREAT!  Small bit of twinging behind my knee but not the same tightness across the top of my knee as I had been struggling with previously.  SO grateful for the 6 miles of actual running I could get.  Didn’t want to push my luck, so stopped there and lifted weights for a bit.  Did a set of 10 pull ups and another set of 9.  Very happy about that as I usually just settle for two sets of 7.  Did some other lifts and core work.  The workout really lifted my spirits and put me in a good mood.  Traveling for an entire week with the kids and staying with other people throws me out of my routine and I start feeling blah because I don’t eat as healthy and my sleep is not good either.  Working out always lightens my mood though.

My reward for putting up with the blah lack of routine is that I get to visit with loved ones and enjoy catching up with my family and friends.  Sunday evening I was sitting in the home where I grew up.  My parents built that home 31 years ago and raised 5 children there.  There we all were, 5 children and their spouses, Mom, our step-father, Owen (I’m sure Dad was peeking in on us in spirit), and 14 crazy grandkids running around us.  It was such an amazing energy of love, support, and understanding in the room as we reunited one last time in our home where we all grew up.  Mom and Owen have purchased a new home together and will be selling the old family home soon so its the last time we’ll all be together in that home.  But I don’t mind.  Home is wherever we are.  Home is where family is.

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