10.5 miles in 7:54 pace Got out for a 10.5 mile run in the 25 degree windy cold.  Didn’t dress warm enough because I stopped feeling my hands, face, and […]

7 miles in 8:05 pace I got to bed early last night since I’ll be up late tonight playing Mrs. Clause.  My run today was on the treadmill at the […]

8 miles in 8:37 pace Drove to Littleton to run with Carolyn.  Traffic was a little slow due to the snow so I got there a few minutes late but still […]

11 miles in 7:40 pace Went to the gym this morning and ran for 20:30 (2.5 miles at 8:12 pace) then lifted weights. Was going to run with my group […]

9 miles in  7:53 pace Nice and warm outside today.  Supposed to get up into the mid-50s! Last night around 7 pm I was SOOO tired.  I could have gone […]

9.9 miles in 7:30 pace Met at Potts Field to run with Running Republic team. 20 minutes warm up, stretching, strides 3X1.5 mile repeats in 5:47, 5:49, 5:59 pace (last […]

9.15 miles in 8:10 pace Not quite as effortless running today as it was yesterday, but still enjoyable.  My legs were pretty tired and I had to stop and stretch […]

16 miles in 7:29 pace. Wow.  What a beautiful day today is.  Went running in 40 degree sunshine at 7:30 a.m. with shorts on.  Out and back on Big Dry […]

10 miles in 7:54 pace. Ran around Standley Lake.  It is SO nice out there today.  Very calm and a warm 34 F.  Quiet too. Weird morning.  My kids all […]

8.73 miles in 7:46 pace Met Running Republic at East Boulder Community park.  My favorite meeting place because it is the closest to my home, only 20 minutes.  Temp at […]