Ever since I moved to Boulder six months ago I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of associating with a lot of like-minded people. Athletes, home-birthers, healthy eaters, recyclers, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, holistic […]

Nine years and counting...

Three pregnancies and births, six moves, 21 days of homeless camping and living out of our car, hundreds of poopy diaper changes, miles and miles of running together and supporting […]


I learned a new trick today.  If you’re ever running behind for a flight and are afraid waiting in the baggage check or security lines may cause you to miss […]

Phew!  I am finally starting to get really excited about Boston again after a couple of weeks of cross training and therapy.  My left leg and foot is feeling much […]

Usually when an uncomfortable, inconvenient mishap occurs in my life my immediate reaction is to feel discouraged and upset.  Then I take a step back and remember that every time […]

This week I came across two examples of amazing perspective that have remided me to keep my own perspective in check.  The first was while reading Ryan Hall’s “Running with […]

Gate River Run 15K Championships

While I sit in the Nashville airport on my layover back home I have such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for how abundantly I am blessed. I feel God’s hand […]

Lately I’ve been drawing my attention to “the little things” that are going to help me become a more efficient, healthier, stronger runner. For instance I’ve gotten some custom orthotics […]


According to Mr. Garmin, I ran from Boulder to Moab today and it was only 15.99 miles.  Strange. In reality, I did a morning workout in Boulder, forgot to clear […]