I learned a new trick today.  If you’re ever running behind for a flight and are afraid waiting in the baggage check or security lines may cause you to miss […]

Phew!  I am finally starting to get really excited about Boston again after a couple of weeks of cross training and therapy.  My left leg and foot is feeling much […]

Usually when an uncomfortable, inconvenient mishap occurs in my life my immediate reaction is to feel discouraged and upset.  Then I take a step back and remember that every time […]

This week I came across two examples of amazing perspective that have remided me to keep my own perspective in check.  The first was while reading Ryan Hall’s “Running with […]

Gate River Run 15K Championships

While I sit in the Nashville airport on my layover back home I have such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for how abundantly I am blessed. I feel God’s hand […]

Lately I’ve been drawing my attention to “the little things” that are going to help me become a more efficient, healthier, stronger runner. For instance I’ve gotten some custom orthotics […]


According to Mr. Garmin, I ran from Boulder to Moab today and it was only 15.99 miles.  Strange. In reality, I did a morning workout in Boulder, forgot to clear […]

21 miles in 6:44 AP; total time: 2:21:21 Well, that was NOT the most fun I have ever had on a long run.  It started out pretty awesome in the […]

Before I say anything, I just want to post a link to a very well written article by Amby Burfoot, which pretty much sums up the day nicely.  Also the […]