An overdue update

I’ve been reminded a few times this week that I “used to” be a blogger. But the reality is, “Hey, I still HAVE a blog, technically I am STILL a […]

Get back up. Try again.

Its hard to put a finger on what I’m feeling right now. Nervous excitement. Timid optimism. Cautious ambition. DRIVE. Over the past few weeks, I’ve allowed my running pace to […]

Once or twice a year here in wintertime Boulder we have a warm “spring-teaser” day followed by a light, overnight snowstorm that mostly melts as it hits the ground and […]

My nine year old son, Abe was so gitty and filled with joy tonight after perfectly performing his magic trick at his “magic show” cub scout pack meeting and playing […]

Today I experienced that nostalgic feeling of promise, hope, and progress. Sunshine warming my back, melting away the ice as friendly, happy runners passed me on the path. For some […]

I felt excited and happy while talking to Aaron today after he ran the Boston Marathon in 2:59:42 through 87 degree heat.  Go Aaron!  As we talked, Aaron reminded me […]

Well, I finally got a firm diagnosis on my hip pain….and surgery 24 hours later!  It happened quickly last week and I’m just now getting around to blogging about the […]