long run

Lately I’ve been drawing my attention to “the little things” that are going to help me become a more efficient, healthier, stronger runner. For instance I’ve gotten some custom orthotics […]

21 miles in 6:44 AP; total time: 2:21:21 Well, that was NOT the most fun I have ever had on a long run.  It started out pretty awesome in the […]

14.5 miles in 7:51 pace. YEAH!!!  I LOVE LONG RUN DAY!!!!! My legs were feeling a lot better this morning than they have felt all week.  Left knee is not […]

16 miles in 7:29 pace. Wow.  What a beautiful day today is.  Went running in 40 degree sunshine at 7:30 a.m. with shorts on.  Out and back on Big Dry […]

12 miles in 8:00 pace I thought it was cold in Denver.  Its even colder here!  We arrived last night around 11:00 p.m. after getting our kids situated and packing […]