This week I came across two examples of amazing perspective that have remided me to keep my own perspective in check.  The first was while reading Ryan Hall’s “Running with […]


According to Mr. Garmin, I ran from Boulder to Moab today and it was only 15.99 miles.  Strange. In reality, I did a morning workout in Boulder, forgot to clear […]

I have never been a high-mileage chick.  In high school I ran ran a 2:10 800M and 5:05 1600M with 25-30 miles a week in training.  My ability to race […]

10 miles in 7:31 pace Met the group at East Boulder Community park 20 minute warm up, stretching, strides 4X45 seconds in 5:25, 5:19, 5:32, 5:27 pace w/ 75 seconds […]

9.8 miles in 7:48 pace Met Running Republic at East Boulder Community Park.  Arrived a few minutes early so I could get some dynamic stretching in. Cold 17 degrees, but once […]

10.51 miles in 7:59 pace WAHOO!!!  After lots of rest, recovery, ART therapy, massage, ice, and patience, I was able to do a workout today!!!  I met my running group […]

9.9 miles in 7:30 pace Met at Potts Field to run with Running Republic team. 20 minutes warm up, stretching, strides 3X1.5 mile repeats in 5:47, 5:49, 5:59 pace (last […]

8.73 miles in 7:46 pace Met Running Republic at East Boulder Community park.  My favorite meeting place because it is the closest to my home, only 20 minutes.  Temp at […]

10 miles in 7:15 pace Ahh vacation.   Gotta love it.  No rush to be anywhere at any time, no messes to clean up, no whiney kids (although I do […]