easy running

7 miles in 7:30 pace The prarie dog near mile four perched up on his mound and gave me an enthusiastic wave as if to say “top of the morning […]

7 miles in 8:20 pace Healing slowly, but surely.  Hamstring felt better after a day of rest yesterday but now after my run this morning its a little tight again. […]

7 miles 8:49 pace Another slow, easy run.  But a RUN, nonetheless!   It just feels right to take it easy as my injury is still healing.  If I push […]

9 miles in 7:47 pace. Sunny 25 degrees.  After a 20 minute warm up, did 7X50 stride (100 step) pick-ups to get my legs moving.  Sidewalks were mostly clear but trails […]

10.5 miles in 7:54 pace Got out for a 10.5 mile run in the 25 degree windy cold.  Didn’t dress warm enough because I stopped feeling my hands, face, and […]

10 miles in 7:55 pace Aaron worked on my legs for about 45 minutes last night doing some PUSH Therapy that his massage therapist does.  I have these golf ball […]