cross training

Phew!  I am finally starting to get really excited about Boston again after a couple of weeks of cross training and therapy.  My left leg and foot is feeling much […]

Usually when an uncomfortable, inconvenient mishap occurs in my life my immediate reaction is to feel discouraged and upset.  Then I take a step back and remember that every time […]

6 miles equivalent Tried running for a mile but the glut is still not cooperating fully so I did the row machine for 10 minutes and elliptical for 41 minutes.  […]

7.5 miles equivalent After my workout last night my right glut was extremely tight so I rolled it out on the foam roller for a while and iced it.  This […]

8.25 miles equivalent Went to the Bountiful Recreation Center to work out since I heard its like smoking a pack of cigarettes if I run for an hour outside in […]