Tuck in and Draft

A few months ago I was sitting in Sunday school class listening to the teacher and other friends in my Ward give incredible insight about living a Christ-centered life and trusting in God while keeping our spirits strong and faithful even through the most difficult challenges in our lives. “God will help us through our challenges. Only Christ knows our deepest pains and struggles and He will comfort us, and guide us,” they said.  These people were SO convicted.  SO faithful and secure in their beliefs.  I, on the other hand , having just gone through a most difficult and challenging time in my life, was a feeling a little weary.  A little tattered.  My faith was feeling a little exhausted and weak.  But while I sat there in the presence of these bright spirits and felt my own spirit lift in hope and optimism just being around them, an image came to my mind.  It was an image of a race.  I saw myself running at some undetermined point in the middle of a race of an unknown distance.  I was exerting myself a great deal and feeling somewhat taxed.  I contemplated dropping out or at least stopping to walk for a bit.  But then to my great relief I looked around and realized I was not alone.  I found myself surrounded by a large pack of very strong, very capable and comfortable runners.  And we were not loligagging.  We were clipping along at somewhat of a break-necking pace.  When I realized I was smack dab in the middle of this large pack, the pace at which I was running suddenly felt easier.  My body seemed to rejuvenate and the camaraderie of others carried me onward.  So it is in life sometimes with our Faith.  With our motivation to keep pressing onward.  Sometimes we are strong enough to lead or help push the pace near the front, and sometimes we just need to tuck in and draft. And tuck in and draft, we should.  We were not meant to do it all alone.  God sends others–our friends and family to help lighten the load, to help make it seem easier and possible and to just keep going.  Christ works through others to hep buoy us up and carry us onward.  And strength does return.  Sometimes God gives strength from within yourself and sometimes he sends it through others. He never leaves us alone though.  He will always lift us up if we let him.

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  1. Ariel

    I just googled you after listening to your mormonchannel interview, and found this blog! Thank you for your perspective and motivation! I am also a mom and a runner, among other things, and I appreciate your example of putting your family first. I will be back!

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