Ever since I moved to Boulder six months ago I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of associating with a lot of like-minded people. Athletes, home-birthers, healthy eaters, recyclers, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, holistic healers, and other unique people with a lot of character. As I spend time with these people and grow to love and appreciate them for who they are its interesting to me how so many of them know each other. Even in a city of 100,000+ people, word (good and bad) gets around pretty fast.
In the majority of conversations I find myself in there are a lot of complimentary things shared about people I know. I’m not generally a big fan of negative “gossiping” because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume the best of them. When I’m in a group of friends and the topic of discussion gravitates towards the negative character traits of another mutual acquaintance I try to either change the subject or say something nice or at least neutral about that person. I admit, I’m not always perfect at this and sometimes I catch myself listening intently and actually absorbing what I’m hearing.
A few days ago I found myself listening to someone’s opinion of the “crazy” character traits of a friend of mine and I seriously almost laughed out loud at the words I was hearing. This particular friend who was being picked apart is a friend whom I admire and aspire to be like in many ways, so to hear the exact traits I admire being shed in a negative light was somewhat ridiculous to me. I mentioned a few complimentary things about this person and then just let the conversation die. After the conversation ended and I went on with my day I started remembering many other recent conversations with friends where more friends and acquaintances were being critiqued and labeled as crazy and I suddenly had an “ah-ha” moment. If so many of my friends whom I love and admire are crazy, I no doubt must be crazy too!
Just as so many of my friends unique and genuine character traits are labeled as crazy by some others, I’m sure my character and individuality has been labeled as crazy by many others too. But to be completely honest with you, I am stoked, honored, and happy to be crazy. Because you know what? My craziness is what makes me, ME. If I lived in a way that I tip-toed around any unusual behavior and allowed what other people thought about me dictate my actions, I would not be living. If no one ever thought I was crazy it would probably mean that I am not developing individuality and exploring what it is that God gave me to become great. From now on every time I hear someone being labeled as crazy or unusual I’m going to listen carefully and take note because there is a very good chance that person is spectacular. To my other crazy friends and readers out there I say lets keep being crazy! Keep embracing and appreciating your own unique character and realize that it doesn’t matter what others may say about you, its vastly important to BE YOUR CRAZY SELF.
Here’s a genuinely crazy moment for you. We all have days like this:


  1. Courtney Meldrum

    Hey Nan,
    You are kicking some bum. I think it is awesome. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I got myself dragged into St. George and was wondering how many miles you are putting in and how often you are doing speed. This long stuff is rough and I really have no clue what I am doing. But you seem to be rocking it, so I would appericiate any advice you could give me. Hope you guys are doing good and good luck with the trials.

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