Bringing light and life to the Tarahumara Indians

On Friday night we went to a “send-off” gathering in Castle Rock for my midwife and her husband, Jean and Mark Dhority who are leaving into the mission field next month.  Jean was my angel and facilitator throughout Breanne and Ali’s homebirths.  After serving as a direct entry midwife here in Colorado for many years, Jean has made an impact here and is now moving on to the Copper Canyon in Mexico to serve the Tarahumara Indians.

Jean and Mark are remarkable people with a noble mission before them.  They are moving indefinitely to the Copper Canyon with the goal of bringing life and light to the Tarahumara Indians.  Read about their mission here.  As I spoke with Jean on Friday night I felt of the love, peace, and faith she has in her heart.  She is going to these people with the humble desire to bring them God’s love and empower them with the wisdom of midwifery which will enable them to continue to grow their society and be healthier and happier.  She will be joining Dr. Mike who has already established a medical clinic in the Copper Canyon. Dr. Mike’s informative video.

It was nice to visit with Jean and Mark and send them with our love and support.  Even though they have only raised 30% of the estimated cost of their mission, they have sold their home and all their things and are driving to Mexico with faith that God will provide for them and watch over them.  Jean and Mark can use all the support they can get, so if you have it in your heart to support them, please do so!  God be with you Jean and Mark!

My week of running in review:


A.M. Easy 8 miles in 7:08 AP

P.M. Hike to Mallory Cave with the kids (see pics below)


A.M. 10 miles with the group in Niwot with about 5 miles worth of intervals and some hills  mixed in.  Massage with Erin afterwards. She did some much needed work on my gluts/hips as well as my ever-constant tight calves.

P.M. Easy 6 miles and weights


12 miles in 7:20 AP.  Both arches of my feet are super tight.  Lots of self massage.


A.M. 6 miles with Darren and Colleen

P.M. 4 miles with the wind.


A.M. 13.6 miles with Colleen and Katie B.  Coach D timing us.  4X2 mile repeats on the creek path in 11:22, 11:29, 11:12, and 11:09.  Solid workout and pleasant time with great people.


20.4 miles; first 10 in 7:05 AP, next 6 in 6:12 AP, last 4.4 in 7:30 pace.  Left plantar facia is not happy.  Lots of massage, ice, rest.


Day of Rest

Total weekly mileage: 80

Some pics from our hike on Monday….

20 miler on Saturday…thanks for supporting me, hon!


  1. Cute dang kids. Not so sure about their dad though. He looks dodgy. And best of luck to your friends on their mission to Mexico. That is amazing.

  2. Melody Jenson

    Sounds like another solid week of training for you. Your kids are so cute and they are getting so big!

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