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Having made the decision way back in October not to risk injury by pushing my post-op hip into training for and running the Olympic Trials Marathon in January, the new […]

As my body has been healing from hip surgery I’m realizing just how closely our mental health is tied to our physical health.  Right after surgery I had a lot of […]

Tribute to a Wonderful Woman

On Sunday afternoon I spoke to my Grandma Morgan for the last time.  Mom held the phone to her ear as I told her how much I love her and […]

Well, I finally got a firm diagnosis on my hip pain….and surgery 24 hours later!  It happened quickly last week and I’m just now getting around to blogging about the […]


The kids must have had a more riotous party than us on their vacation to Utah because it took them a good four days longer to recover from all the […]

Ever since I moved to Boulder six months ago I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of associating with a lot of like-minded people. Athletes, home-birthers, healthy eaters, recyclers, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, holistic […]

Nine years and counting...

Three pregnancies and births, six moves, 21 days of homeless camping and living out of our car, hundreds of poopy diaper changes, miles and miles of running together and supporting […]


I learned a new trick today.  If you’re ever running behind for a flight and are afraid waiting in the baggage check or security lines may cause you to miss […]

Phew!  I am finally starting to get really excited about Boston again after a couple of weeks of cross training and therapy.  My left leg and foot is feeling much […]

Usually when an uncomfortable, inconvenient mishap occurs in my life my immediate reaction is to feel discouraged and upset.  Then I take a step back and remember that every time […]