Biked 15.82 miles in 1:07

It felt SO great to get out and exercise in the sunshine.  Sunshine has a healing effect on me.  The snow is melting everywhere and we have clear skies and 50 degree temps today!  How could I be in a bad mood?  I haven’t been feeling super cheery all weekend but today I’m feeling better.

My friend just dropped her son of to play at our house and she asked if I was okay because it looked like I had been crying when she saw me at church on Sunday.  I laughed and agreed that I was not in the best mood on Sunday, but reassured her that the freaky eyes was just the severe case of pink eye I’ve been having, not crying eyes.  Since Friday night, by eyes have been super pink and every morning when I wake up I have to pry them open and scrub the crust off before I start my day.  I haven’t been to the Dr. because from my experience, the drops they give you don’t help much anyway and I don’t want to bother spending the time and money for something that will go away on its own in a few days.

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