Riding the rolling highways into Boulder

Biked 25.29 miles in 1:35 (15.9 mph) with 2,506 elevation gain.

My friend watched the kids for a couple of hours this morning and I’m watching her kids on Thursday morning.  Today’s route had a few more hills than Saturday’s route, but had a better shoulder and smoother road surface.  It was a loop I used to ride when I lived in Superior, only it was a 15 mile loop for me then.  Now that I live 5 miles South, its a 25 mile loop.  Highway 128 to Highway 93, back on Marshall Road.   Basically its riding the rolling highways into Boulder and looping back.

Felt great until I started to get a side ache in the final 5 miles and just wanted to stop.  But of course I still had one big climb and a few more miles of downhill to get through.  Hamstring felt great.

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