5 miles in 9:14 pace

I CAN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went out for an easy 5 miles this morning.  I just ran cautiously and let my legs set the pace.  My right hammy/bum was not restricting my form as long as I kept it nice and easy.  Ahhhh.  I’m SO grateful I can run again!!  Honestly, it makes such a HUGE difference for me to be able to get out every day and run.  The endorphins and fresh air are hugely therapeutic and mood boosting for me.  Without it, I get depressed and irritable.  I guess I’m addicted.

Of additional interest, I decided to wear my New Balance 790s running this morning.  Aaron recently purchased some of these shoes for himself since they are very lightweight and minimal.  They came in the mail and as he opened them, I told him I had a pair just like them already!  I purchased mine over two years ago and wear them all day a few times a week.  I bought them because I liked how they looked and they were comfy and lightweight.  I’ve never even thought of them as “running shoes.”  I don’t know why, I guess I already had other running shoes and was just looking for some comfy lightweight shoes to wear around.  Anyway, I really enjoyed running in them today.  They are definitely lightweight, neutral, and comfy.

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