What are the odds?

0 miles

Stayed up way too late last night.  Felt tired from running at midnight.  Didn’t feel at all like running.  So I didn’t.  Took the kids to Classic Fun Center to play in the bounce house, jungle gym, and bomb zone for a couple of hours with our good friends and their daughter.  Noticed a big white van with a fastrunningblog.com sticker on the back while driving and knew it had to be Sasha.  Pulled up beside them to say hi and Sarah mouthed, “Are you from the blog?”  I bet they get that a lot.  We gave her thumbs up and waved but Sasha didn’t seem to get a good look at us.  Good thing…we didn’t want to cause an accident or anything.  So Aaron posted a comment on his blog to let him know it was us.  He figured it out anyway because of our Colorado plates.  What are the odds of both of us traveling North on I-15 at about 10600 South at 11 a.m. on New Year’s Day?  Random.

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