2010 Goals

6 miles in 7:45 pace

Did 7 strides throughout the run.  It was pretty windy this morning!  The uphill miles were into the wind and the downhill miles with the wind at my back.  Would have been nice to swap that.  Oh well, I can’t control the uncontrolables.  Hamstring felt pretty good.

I met with Coach D tonight for some one on one goal-setting.   We talked for over an hour and formulated a plan for how I’d like my year to go.  Here’s the run-down (pun intended):

Saturday, March 20th: National Half-Marathon in Washington D.C.

  • Aaron will watch the kids for the weekend while I make a quick trip out to race at sea-level and PR
  • Darren is going to contact the race director and see if he can get me a comped entry and hotel.
  • Goal pace: 5:50 per mile=1:16:30 (should put me in the running for a top 5 finish and some prize money).

Monday, April 19th: Boston Marathon

  • Go out at 6:15 pace for the first 10 miles and then see what I have (Darren suggests I save my legs for the second half because the race “really begins” when the hills get rolling near mile 16 and I want to be able to push the pace there instead of at the beginning.)  If I’m feeling great, bring the pace down closer to 6:00 and go for 2:40
  • Very realistic goal is 6:15 ave pace for 2:43:30
  • Enjoy my first Boston experience!!

Monday, May 31st: Bolder Boulder

  • Run the team competition with Running Republic
  • Depending on how recovered I am from Boston, shoot for at least 5:56 pace, 36:50


  • Summer Training, certainly some summer racing, another meeting to re-evaluate goals and look forward to another Fall Marathon

Tentative Fall Marathon: Saturday, October 16th: Baltimore Marathon

  • 6:03 pace = 2:38:37 Olympic Trials “A” Standard

So there are my running goals for the year!!  I’m excited to go out and make them happen!!

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