So grateful to feel this good

16 miles in 7:29 pace.

Wow.  What a beautiful day today is.  Went running in 40 degree sunshine at 7:30 a.m. with shorts on.  Out and back on Big Dry Creek.  Running felt easy today. Almost effortless.  The sinus infection that has been bothering me since Sunday is almost completely gone and my body feels strong and fit.  I am SO grateful to feel this good right now.  Its never easy to stay healthy and uninjured but when it happens you just have to recognize that it is a gift from God and give thanks.

Stretched and rolled out on my foam roller for a good 30 minutes after the run while eating breakfast and watching TMBG songs on You Tube with the kids.  Ali was climbing all over me, jumping on my legs and giving me hugs even though I’m sure I didn’t smell great.  What a little cutie she is.  18 months old is SUCH a fun age.

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