Second wind

9 miles in  7:53 pace

Nice and warm outside today.  Supposed to get up into the mid-50s!

Last night around 7 pm I was SOOO tired.  I could have gone to bed and slept 12 hours.  Aaron and I got the kids to bed early and did some calendar sync and family planning and resolved to go to bed early.  After the kids were in bed I seemed to get a second wind though.  Something about the peace and quiet of no kid responsibility rejuvinates me.  I did not feel tired again until almost 11 pm and finally fell asleep around midnight.  Then I ran at 6 am today because Aaron has jury duty and had to leave early.  Neither of us have ever had jury duty, so I guess the government is finally catching up with us.

Ali just climbed up on the kitchen table to get an orange out of the fruit basket.  She is now dangling her legs off the edge of the table and I just sent my 3 year old over to help her down.  Not working.  Better go.

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