PUSH Therapy

10 miles in 7:55 pace

Aaron worked on my legs for about 45 minutes last night doing some PUSH Therapy that his massage therapist does.  I have these golf ball sized knots on both sides of my glutes that shoot sensation down my hamstrings and through my hips when he pushes on them.  PUSH Therapy is not just finding knots and trigger pointing them but rather pushing gently on them while I move the muscles extending out from them.  For instance, as I’m laying on my side, Aaron finds the adhesion in my glute.  He gently pushes on it as I extend my leg down, drop it to relaxed, move my leg forward, drop it to relaxed, move my leg back as far as I can, and drop it to relaxed again.  The idea is that the movement aides in breaking up the adhesions and also works the pressure Aaron is putting on me across the muscle instead of just up and down the muscle.   It starts to fatigue my hip muscles after a while so it also becomes a hip strengthening exercise.  My left leg did not feel the same tension today as it did yesterday, so all that therapy he did must have helped.

I went to the gym this morning since I had to drop Abe off at school early for a class field trip and the girls were ready to go for the day anyway.  Ran 10 miles on the treadmill.  Started out around 8:15 pace, stopped and stretched after 20 minutes and then bumped the pace up to 7:45 pace.  Watched CNN with Abe’s MP3 player since it gets FM reception.  Saw Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize which apparently is given based on peoples promises and good intentions now.  Also saw lots of debate on the Health Care Reform which is moving right along….as slow as molasses in January.  Saw images of all the hundreds of other U.S. Cities that are freezing their bums off this week too.  Then I saw a story about a guy on trial for murder with swastika and other offensive tattoos all over his face and neck and the public is criticizing the Judge’s decision to pay $150/day from State funds for a makeup artist to cover up his tattoos during the trial so as to avoid offending people.  Gimme a break!  If the guy got the tattoos to express himself and represent what he stands for then that ought to be in full disclosure to the Jury and anyone else who cares to watch his Trial.  Seems silly to me that they would consider covering them.  These kind of stories are why I RARELY watch the News.  They just irritate me.  Finally after this story, I just stuck my Ipod back on my earphones and listened to music.  It was much more uplifting.

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