Ice patches

8.73 miles in 7:46 pace

Met Running Republic at East Boulder Community park.  My favorite meeting place because it is the closest to my home, only 20 minutes.  Temp at my house was 28 degrees, but in Boulder, it was only 18 degrees.  I would have brought my warmer gloves had I thought about it a bit longer, but as it was my hands were a little cold in the thin liners.

20 minute warm-up, stretching, strides.

4X90 seconds hard with 60 seconds easy. Pace was 5:39, 5:20, 5:56, 6:02 up and down hills, over ice patches

3X4 minutes steady with 2 minutes easy.  Pace was 5:57, 5:59, 5:48 up and down hills, over ice patches.  Last one was mostly on dry sidewalk.

4X60 seconds hard with 60 seconds easy. Pace was 5:07, 5:43, 5:37, 5:28.  Mostly flat, but some more ice patches.

10 minute cool down.

Darren is going to Perth, Australia for a couple of weeks to visit Colleen’s brother for the Holidays.  He said Colleen is already there and its like 90 degrees.  *Jealous*  At least our forecast is for the mid-40s or above for the next 10 days.  Not bad!

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